3 Reasons Why You Need Social Media To Build Your Brand

Advertising works, as proven by the billions of dollars companies are willing to fork over year after year to push their products and services to potential customers.

In the Internet age, where 81% of Americans have a social media profile, to not embrace social media marketing is an unnecessary and easily avoidable mistake.

The fact is, social media isn’t going away. And for anyone who’s in business for themselves, whether a family-owned outfit or a Fortune 500 corporation, that news should be welcomed wholeheartedly! How else except social media can you have instant access to billions–yes BILLIONS–of potential customers?

With most of the country scrolling daily on a platform that is free to use both for them and you, there are myriad reasons you should start now and continue to maintain a daily presence, especially on Facebook, the king of the social media jungle. We’ll cover the top three:

  1. COST: Starting a Facebook page is FREE. Posting content that will lure in potential customers, including actual advertisements, is also free. Boosting those posts using Facebook ads is not free, but it’s as cheap a marketing venue as they come (depending on the post-by-post boost options you choose, most are a fraction of the price of conventional advertising in print, radio, and TV);
  2. TRACKING: You can quickly and immediately gauge your Return on Investment (ROI) with easy-to-use statistical insight metrics that are built into Facebook, allowing you to see exactly how many potential customers were reached and how interacted with your content;
  3. PRESENCE: To be a part of a community, you need to participate, engage, build a reputation, make friends, and in so doing create a following of supporters and customers. You’ll also get to stay abreast on the competition’s latest recruitment efforts as well as industry news that is vital to staying up-to-date. For a business starting out on social media, giveaways, coupons, and event notifications can quickly draw in the local industry mavens you need to build a base of followers, who will in turn not only buy but encourage others to buy what you’re offering!

Check back with us for more news and tips on how to use the Internet to help you escape the “Rat Race” and work for yourself.

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