5 Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Online Business

Starting your own business has never been easier since internet came into play. You can set up shop, automate sales, and do it all for next to nothing. What’s not to love? However if you are really looking to pick up steam, then you need to make your business social media friendly as soon as possible. With that in mind here are 5 tips for using social media to boost your online business.

1. Get on the right platforms

You have of course heard of Facebook and Twitter, but it is surprising just how many social media networks there are in the world. And just as each of them varies, so do the people who use them. Because of this, you can put your effort where it is going to get the biggest bang for your buck. Just about everyone uses Facebook nowadays, so you should definitely put some effort there. But say your business is more about crafts, if so then you should take time to look into Pinterest. It is a community designed to share ideas rather than personal things, which makes it a better place for that kind of company. Whereas if you are running a blog then you should look into Tumblr, which is all about sharing different posts.

There are tons of examples like this, but it really boils down to looking into the way each social networking site functions, and getting an idea of what audience is on each one. A little research here can give you a huge advantage.

2. Reach out

When jumping on social media for the first time there is definitely the temptation to put up a couple of posts and see who stops by, and that’s it. But if that is your only strategy, then you are going to have a hard time building a good following.

Social media sites are just that, social. If you want people to engage with you, you are first going to have to engage with them. Don’t be afraid to talk to people one on one, if you leave a good impression then you are more likely to get a follower, and those who follow you often share with their friends.

3. Respond to everyone

People are going to ask you questions, make sure to answer them quickly. The more friendly and responsive you are when dealing with people the more often you will make a good contact. Even if the person is bashing your product, being genuinely kind and caring can turn people around to your way of thinking.

4. Add value to every post

In other words, make everything you post worth viewing. If you post a lot of little things that have no merit, then people will start ignoring you fast. Make sure you not only capture their interest in the first place, but keep it as well.

5. Don’t forget to share

This one is all too often overlooked. Business owners get it in their heads that their social media pages should only be about them, and then wonder why nobody is flocking to their page. Once again, social media is social. People are far more inclined to share your posts if you shared theirs to begin with. Don’t take this the wrong way though, you should make sure you are sharing something relevant to what your company is all about, but you have to give to get.

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