When I was young, my parents always tell me that there are only two occupations in their mind, public servant and teacher. As my father has worked as a public servant for over 30 years and my mother has worked as a teacher over 25 years. So before I graduated from university, I’ve been studying so hard and hoped that I can get a job like my parents, either in the field of public servant or teacher.

However, I didn’t pass the exams, nor to work in one of these two fields. So I had to start the journey of working in private companies, and living in the fear and uncertainty that I don’t know when I’ll get no pay or laid-off, or allocation to another country.

For the past 11 years, I’ve work as an Office Manager in another country. When I was assigned by the first company to have a base there, I didn’t expect that I’d stay there for so long… The payroll wasn’t bad, but the life was extremely stressful. Every 2 to 3 years, either because of the financial crisis of the company which I worked for, or the big environment, I got zero pay or laid-off. The worst time was I couldn’t find a job for two years during this period.

And the painful part was, I hardly had time for going back to my country to visit my parents. Watching them were still “healthy”, I thought I still have plenty of time.

However, my father passed away five years ago. My mother was left alone in my country but I was so far away and didn’t have time for being with her. That really made me started to wonder, there must be some kind of business which I can have much more freedom so I can spend more time with my mother.

That’s how I found online business…

One day, when I was scrolling the website and trying to find a “job”, I saw a post from a guy who would become my mentor. I downloaded his book and instantly realized that this was the exact information that I needed to start the business that I had always dreamed of.
The book taught me that we live in an unprecedented time…

Now- more than ever – it’s easier to create a business with VERY little time and money!


By leveraging the power of the internet…

With this information, I have been able to start my own business that has given me complete time, location and financial freedom…
A business that allows me to spend more time with my mother, and travel with her all over the world.
The best part about this is from the time I found my mentor until right now, I have documented everything I’ve done step by step to become successful…

And here’s the cool part:

There’s thousands of other people all over the world who have been able to do the exact same thing with this information.

And here’s the even cooler part:
I have written a step-by-step manual that I call “The Entrepreneur’s Manual”.
In this book, I show you EXACTLY how I’ve done it….

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In the manual, you’ll see A-Z of how to build a successful business online…

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