Home-based Business Ideas for Stay at Home Parents

Having a home-based business has become increasingly popular, both online and in local communities. This is especially true for parents seeking to find a good work-life balance. Many couples with both partners working full-time find working full-time and having children to be extremely stressful. And increasing rates for child care leave many parents wondering if staying in their full-time positions is worth the expense. Many choose home-based businesses to put an end to the stress and get more time with their kids. We’ve put together a list of home-based business ideas for stay at home parents.

1.) Professional Business Opportunities

Many stay at home parents are college educated or have some technical training. It’s frustrating knowing a degree or certification is not being utilized, especially if student loans are involved. That is where a home-based business that provides professional services could earn stay at home parents some extra money. Examples of these professional services include tax and accounting services, freelance writing, medical billing, or online teaching professions. These are only a few ideas of professional services. Think about what skill set you have to determine which professional services you could provide.

2.) Technical Business Opportunities

These businesses center around the online community. If they have the right skill set, stay at home parents can make quite a bit of money as app developers, web designers, web consulting, and graphic design. Especially if this is something they specialized in during their full-time work, stay at home parents can turn this into a making money opportunity.

3.) Art and Crafts

Stay at home parents can turn their crafting into cash by making and selling art or gifts on sites like Esty. They can also sell other homemade items such as soaps or lotions. Although it requires much time and effort in the beginning, some stay at home parents have turned their love for gardening into a business by selling homegrown plants online as well.

4.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where a company pays a portion of their profit if an affiliate generates a sale or customer relationship through their website. Affiliate Marketing can be a lucrative business for those dedicated to it. For it to be successful, website owners need to have good content on their sites to keep their readers returning and have a strong loyalty base. This kind of income is great for those interested in having a blog or even a website tied to any other online business.

5.) Home-based Services

So many stay at home parents earn their income online. However, other skill sets equip parents to provide services from their home. Some parents find having a child care service replaces a full-time income and allows them to spend precious time with their children. Others may have their own hair salon in their garage or spare room. Pet lovers may start a doggy daycare or dog grooming service. Providing a sewing service is a great way to make money, and it will always be in demand. As with any business, it’s important to comply with any regulations or laws regarding a business operating inside your home.

Stay at home parents have legitimate ways to earn a living from home. Gone are the days when making money online is always considered a scam. More and more people are working from home and making a good amount of money. Parents no longer have to deal with the stress of getting their kids to the sitter and commuting to work everyday. There are so many avenues available that any skill set provides an opportunity as long as you have the vision and determination to see it through.

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