Six creative ways to improve your blogging

Alright, you’ve got a blog set up and you’re ready to make your blog the very best blog you possibly can. However after several posts, you begin to realize that things are not looking up, you’re struggling to get readers and your content has fallen into a sub-par mess. Realizing that something has to change you understand that improving your blogging skills is your only option but it can only be done in an innovative way. Luckily, we’ve got six creative methods for you to use to enhance your blog and snag your readers’ full attention.

  • Readers read what interests them: This is the single most important thing that Bloggers need to understand when they begin to build an audience. You could have the most well-written post about the way birds migrate over the year, and that’s wonderful. However, how much of an audience would that post really generate? It’s important to recognize a niche that you’re knowledgeable in, but it’s also good to understand where your audience lies.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words: Blogs that incorporate pictures into their content have a huge increase in viewers. Pictures help readers understand points that you’re trying to get across and when making a post, a picture can draw a potential reader to that post. Of course, it’s always encouraged to take your own pictures but there are several websites that will provide free stock photos for usage.
  • Headlines: Headlines are everything, they give the reader an idea as to what they will be reading but leave out just enough information to draw them in further. For example, if you were writing about fashion and your headline sounded something like this “Clothes that are great for fall” you won’t likely see a lot of traffic. A better way to phrase it would be “10 Design trends that are rocking the fall season”. Everyone knows it’s about fashion trends in the fall but it creates curiosity and those who love fashion as well will more than likely give your post a read.
  • Link to related content: When you have a blog post that just might resonate with another post you’ve done in the past, it wouldn’t hurt to reference that in your post. Not only does that ensure that you’re keeping the older posts alive, it also means that you’ll be creating an easy to follow method for your readers who like the tangent those articles follow.
  • Engage your readers: Engaging your readers is a good priority to keep in mind when you’re making regular blog posts. Every time you go to finish your post, it’s always a good idea to leave a question for your readers to comment on. A good example would be ending your post with “What did you think about the topic of this title? Let’s hear your opinion on it!”. This is a fun way to keep your readers engaged with your posts and it will provide powerful insight into their thoughts and opinions.
  • Social Media is your friend: It is a no-brainer that on sites like Facebook and Twitter you’ll see a lot of catchy articles that are either re-blogged or shared through friends and companies. This is the best strategy to get more people to know that your voice is out there and if you join a few groups that share interests in what you’re blogging about, you can find a gold mine of readers just waiting to catch a glimpse at what you’re reading next.

Along with consistency and well-written content, these tips can help your reader base really take off to help you build a successful blog. Stay reminded what your readers want and expect from your blog, engage with them and follow their suggestions because they are the reason that you write. An audience that will enjoy the viewpoints that you share and inspire you to continue to build creative and useful content.

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